StarMind Blues Song-Video

Chaos at the Heart of Orion - NASACelebrate Your Cosmic Creativity!  Enjoy this blues song and cosmic slide show by astronomy educator and singer-songwriter, Dr. Cherilynn Morrow. The music was recorded with Alan Dynin on piano at Ken Gregory Studios in Atlanta, GA. StarMind Blues is higher consciousness parody of Cherilynn’s original song, StarMan Blues. It was created in honor of  Continue reading

Astronomer – Solstice Meditation

Artist Concept - Arctic Crescent

Artist Concept – Arctic Crescent

I enjoyed serving as a guest presenter about the astronomy of the December solstice for the Global Solstice Meditation 2012 at the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta (SLCA). My presentation was preceded by Rev. Dr. David Ault (SLCA Senior Minister), who spoke on the topic of Heaven on Earth, and followed by Continue reading

AstroJazz in the Kirtan Spirit!

AstroJazz - DHA bannerDon’t miss this awe-inspiring event!  AstroJazz in the Kirtan Spirit at the Decatur Healing Arts Center in GA.  Continue reading

Art as Worship Interview

Art as Worship Banner

Art as Worship is a weekly, Internet-based radio show that features stories of artists and explores their process of creation. Show host, Vanessa Lowry, interviewed me about inventing AstroJazz and we Continue reading

The 2012 Venus Transit from the Summit of Mauna Kea – HAWAII

Feminine Rising on Maunakea (1)This photo by Ron Bland was made atop a 14,000-ft volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii just after a 7-hour NASA webcast of the 2012 Venus Transit of the Sun. Cherilynn (rising at left with buttocks eclipsing the Sun of the glorious sunset) served as a science commentator, science educator, and singer in support of the webcast. The extraordinary teamwork and mutual support on the summit among the scientists, educators, and webcast crew (NASA EDGE) gives us all reason to hope for humanity.  Everyone contributed in deference to bringing to the world the best possible program to honor this rare and remarkable celestial event. The other three silhouettes are of young women who also supported the outreach activities. When I saw the beautiful photo I named it Feminine Rising in the spirit of the occasion, and I knew that I would write a song by that name, perhaps even with this photo on an album cover!

Blog of Japan’s Moon Launch

Launch of Kaguya Spacecraft - Sept 2007

Launch of Kaguya Spacecraft – Sept 2007

Cherilynn Morrow was part of a NASA delegation standing with JAXA scientists and engineers at the remote Tanegashima Space Center on 14 September 2007 to observe the launch of Japan’s Kaguya spacecraft to the Moon. She provided a guest blog for the Planetary Society of near real-time events leading up to and including the launch. The link to this blog is being restored. Meanwhile enjoy a glorious Earthrise recorded by Kaguya’s HD camera.

Mars Millenium Featured Scientist

Mars Base 1I was invited to be a featured astronomer on the Mars Millenium Project 2030 website where a collection of artists, scientists, engineers and astronauts were asked about their creative process and dreams for an envisioned Mars 2030 colony. The project was a national arts, sciences, and technology education initiative sponsored jointly by NASA, NASA/JPL, the J. Paul Getty Trust, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Department of Education, and the White House Millennium Council.