Cherilynn Morrow
& Jeff Ballard
We both feel that our musical collaboration is higher and better than either one of us as individuals. We felt enormously blessed in the creation of this music and hope that it will be a healing resource for others with its expressions of natural cycles of light & shadow, falling & rising, death & re-birth, and hearts breaking & waking.

Cherilynn and Jeff began their musical collaboration in January 2001 shortly after Jeff played his guitar instrumental piece, Autumn Rain Serenade, for Cherilynn over the phone. He had fallen for Cherilynn’s voice while they were singing in the Unity of Boulder choir the previous year. The first time they met to work together, Cherilynn showed Jeff one of her poems called “Rising Leaves,” written in 1995. He knew right away that he wanted to put it to music.

The quest to create music for the poem “Rising Leaves” catalyzed the creation of several other songs along the way, including “Here’s to My Heart” and “Heaven’s Light.” Both of these songs enjoyed magical beginnings when new lines of poetry Cherilynn had penned while traveling mated beautifully with music Jeff had created while she was away—music intended for “Rising Leaves.

Photograph of Cherilynn & Jeff by Bob Goldhamer ~ Website Design by JAKStar