Interweaving Art, Science, and Spirit in Service to Education

ArtSciencEducation provides leading edge learning experiences and resources that both exemplify and empower enlivened communication and collaboration at the interfaces among art, science, and spirit.

Scientifically sound, soul-stirring presentations, workshops, and performances have been hosted around the world at conference and retreat centers, schools, planetariums, science centers, National Parks, nature centers, music auditoriums, art centers, theaters, yoga studios, meditation spaces, churches, and libraries.

If any of the sample elements below or the related blog CATEGORIES at right are of interest to you or your community, please contact Dr. Cherilynn Morrow (info at upper right) to explore the possibilities!


AstroJazz Banner

A typical AstroJazz performance is a novel educational experience with live music, beautiful astronomical imagery, audience engagement, and a touch of humor. Shows can be adapted to a variety of venues and tailored for audiences of all ages.

Kinesthetic Astronomy

KA Banner

Kinesthetic Astronomy workshops engage the body in simple yet powerful ways that allow a broad diversity of learners to experience the joy of mastering challenging astronomical concepts. The content is centered on standards for grades 6-8, yet is adaptable for adult and family learning. Options for including song, meditation, yoga.

Rising Leaves

Rising Leaves BannerRising Leaves is a CD of original music by Jeff Ballard (guitarist) and Cherilynn Morrow (vocalist/lyricist). Their contemplative sound draws upon the healing and uplifting power of Nature (human, earth, and sky). This music opens hearts and minds! The Stanford Solar Center posted a sample song.