Post 0: Amazing Arctic Adventure – Yellowknife

On 4 March, I will join forces with two extraordinary colleagues in science education (Duke Johnson and Will Stoll) in Yellowknife, CANADA (almost to the Arctic Circle) to experience and photograph the northern lights.  Our expedition will extend until the morning of 16 March 2013 to give us the best chance of catching a stretch of cloudless nights.

Duke is the education manager at Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City and an award-winning amateur photographer. He will lead our expedition. Will is a high school physics teacher pursuing his PhD in Education at Georgia State University. I received a PhD in solar physics from the University of Colorado, and over time have morphed into a science educator, yoga instructor, and emerging singer/songwriter

I have worked closely with both Duke and Will, and they are amazing. You’ll learn more about all of us as the blog unfolds. We are all passionate educators and integrators of art and science as we quest for skywatching adventure that can inspire and inform learners of all ages!

Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Post 0: Amazing Arctic Adventure – Yellowknife

  1. Looking forward to seeing and reading all about your Arctic Adventure!!

    • Mr. Stoll arrived in Tromso yesterday (2 March 2014) and we are very happy to have him as part of this aurora chasing team! Please ask any questions you may have!

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