Travel Essay – Lunar Standstill

Chimney Rock - full moon rise between rock pillars during  lunar standstill season

Chimney Rock, CO: Rise of a northernmost full moon through the pillars, photographed during the last lunar standstill season from an observation point established by Ancestral Puebloan People.

‘Standstill’ My Beating Heart: A Lunar Love Affair is the title of a playful yet fundamentally reverent essay related to my sense of awe and privilege upon observing moonrises with archaeoastronomers in Chaco Canyon (NM) and in Chimney Rock (CO) during the last “major lunar standstill season” (2004-2007). The original essay was published on The title link at the bottom of this entry provides a significantly upgraded version with evolved prose and more photos.  Chimney Rock became a National Monument in 2012!

Standstill My Beating Heart – A Lunar Love Affair – blog version