Astronomer – Solstice Meditation

Artist Concept - Arctic Crescent

Artist Concept – Arctic Crescent

I enjoyed serving as a guest presenter about the astronomy of the December solstice for the Global Solstice Meditation 2012 at the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta (SLCA). My presentation was preceded by Rev. Dr. David Ault (SLCA Senior Minister), who spoke on the topic of Heaven on Earth, and followed by Rev. Dr. Lyn Hammond-Gray. Music and meditation were provided by Don Simmons, John Serrie, and SLCA musicians. The event was live streamed and archived in a video named GSM. Rev Ault’s presentation begins at about 30:00 after an opening meditation. My 17-minute presentation begins at about 41:00 and includes a Kinesthetic Astronomy demonstration that involves the SLCA singers!

SLCA Global Solstice Meditation 2012