The 2012 Venus Transit from the Summit of Mauna Kea – HAWAII

Feminine Rising on Maunakea (1)This photo by Ron Bland was made atop a 14,000-ft volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii just after a 7-hour NASA webcast of the 2012 Venus Transit of the Sun. Cherilynn (rising at left with buttocks eclipsing the Sun of the glorious sunset) served as a science commentator, science educator, and singer in support of the webcast. The extraordinary teamwork and mutual support on the summit among the scientists, educators, and webcast crew (NASA EDGE) gives us all reason to hope for humanity.  Everyone contributed in deference to bringing to the world the best possible program to honor this rare and remarkable celestial event. The other three silhouettes are of young women who also supported the outreach activities. When I saw the beautiful photo I named it Feminine Rising in the spirit of the occasion, and I knew that I would write a song by that name, perhaps even with this photo on an album cover!